A story of Tenuis - the thin wallet

A story of Tenuis - the thin wallet

It has been already 3 years after we published a product called Tenuis - the thin wallet in

early 2016. now, we want to share some aspects of the story of Tenuis here after while.

At the time, though we had made several thin wallets made out of canvas and cotton fabric,

those were still not thin enough because fabric's edge part normally needs to be folded then

stitched, it makes folded rim part still thick, then we found an interesting material called "Tyvek".

Tyvek is waterproof, and not-tearable and ultra thin material used for architects, protective

clothing and so on, we focused on its features and made first thin wallet Tenuis. the material is

under 0.2mm thin,  can make much thinner wallet with this material than with ordinary cotton

canvas which is 0.4-0.5mm. but we still had to count how many layers can be included in

whole wallet, finally made 6mm wallet with Tyvek for inside and paraffin waxed cotton

canvas for outside.

To be continued.