A story of Baksteen

A story of Baksteen

The summer time comes soon!  got any plan to go out?

Our shoulder bag "Baksteen" is now on sale and we publish some story of this product here.

We actually already had a plan to develop this kind of bag in 2009.

The first motivation was that we want to produce a shoulder bag which does not bother

human's movement for active people, but different from typical sports bags,

making casual style with cotton canvas,  for usual life and short trip.

Nowadays, there are quite many shoulder bags making a feature of "water proof",

however, Solahanpu kept insisting on "We want water proof but keep stylish

canvas outer" thoughts, it led us to make canvas-outer, tarpaulin-inner new style.

By the way, tarpaulin is a chemical fiber fabric used for tracks as a tarp

and huge poster outside, very strong in wind-rain, being torn.

Other than normal "French seam" to make stitches inside, Solahanpu focuses on making

strong, durable effect on the edges of bags by stitching the folded and pasted parts.

additionally the concept of "opening the lid in the back" made the production process

so complicated that up to 10 samples were failed and modified the stencils every time.

Most important material to make a feature of water proof is actually tarpaulin inside though

our canvas has been coated with paraffin wax which also has slight water repellency.

it also easily fits with any fashion, get one for your active life now!