Baksteen is a minimalistic crossbody bag designed and manufactured by Solahanpu. The external layer of the bag is made of canvass material while the internal layer is made of the water-proof material called tarpaulin. Baksteen's zipper is placed hidden right behind your back, making it impossible to open without your knowledge.

You have probably noticed that any crossbody bags or messenger bags tend to swing toward your side when riding a bike. The mini-strap comes with Baksteen prevents the annoying swing from happening ever again.

There are two pockets inside Baksteen; one is behind the opening lid, the other is in the main compartment. Internal pockets are divided into 3 sections. Baksteen means a "brick" in Dutch.


  • Hidden zipper to access, making it impossible to open without your knowledge

  • Canvass material for outside, water-proof material for inside which saves your equipment inside from getting wet

  • Two internal pockets, one external pocket with water-proof zipper

  • An attached mini-strap prevents the annoying swing when biking

  • Large capacity. All your essentials can fit including a 500ml plastic bottle, tablets, books, foldable umbrella, towels, wallets, smartphones, etc...

  • The entire body and two zippers are water-proof


Material: Canvas, Tarpaulin

Processing: waxed paraffin

Size: Width 34cm / Height 18cm / Depth 10cm

Designed for: Tablets (Kindle or iPad mini), water bottles (plastic bottles), foldable umbrellas etc...

Designed in: Japan

Manufactured in: Taiwan


  • Product Code: B1
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • JPY¥3,800

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